Letter to Inmate Sample

Letter to Inmate Sample –Even if we are free and you say: how lucky you are! Do not get too depressed when thinking that you are imprisoned while we enjoy life. You must know that some of us are as imprisoned or more than you are, because freedom is not just about feeling the morning […]

Irs First Time Penalty Abatement Letter Example

Irs First Time Penalty Abatement Letter Example –¬†Example of model letter for reduction of maternity day for an employee with permanent and full-time contract. You must replace the red text and make 2 copies that you must stamp and sign the company, indicating the date of receipt, staying one of them. . . Personal information: […]

Marketing Letter Sample

Marketing Letter Sample –A cover letter must have some basic elements in its structure such as: sender or sender, recipient, date and formula for calling attention, object and reference of the letter, body and closure. With these basic elements you are able to write a persuasive letter to keep the vacant position you choose. Then […]